As it is always said "prevention is worth a pound of cure". It is very important for asthma patients to keep a record or a keen understanding of what triggers their asthma. Majority of the time a cold, exposure to allergen or respiratory infection can trigger asthma. If asthma symptoms are not under control and more than 2 attacks per week are present then long term therapy needs to be initiated by the AAATS Board Certified Allergist.


Long term Corticosteroids are the best treatment option when having frequent flares and asthma attacks. A combination therapy (inhaled corticosteroid plus a long-acting beta2-agonist) is the preferred treatment for asthma when inhaled corticosteroids alone do not control the disease. It is very important never to discontinue or change medication regimen until you see your AAATS Board Certified Allergist.

Taken as directed, inhaled corticosteroids are safe, well-tolerated and one of the most effective medications for asthma treatment. If symptoms should arise your AAATS Board Certified Allergist will adjust you medication as needed.

When to see an Allergist?

Breathing difficulties are causing decreased quality of life or daily activities of living. The usual symptoms include:

  • Wheezing and Cough
  • Shortness and tighness of chest
  • Frequent attacks of breathlessness

Your AAATS Board Certified Allergist is exceptionally trained in managing your Asthma. For further questions please feel free to contact us.